Select Multiple in Cascading Selection Questions


New to KoBo and hoping I can get some help in setting up a set of cascading selection questions with the option to select multiple answers in both questions. I know how to do it with selecting one answer, but can’t seem to figure it out with multiple.

Here’s an example of the questions I’d like to ask:
Q1: “which of the following livestock do you own?”
Answers (can select multiple): Cow, Pig, Chicken, Goat, Buffalo
Q2: "which livestock were purchased after employment?
Answer: ONLY want to show the answers that were selected in Q1

I think the answer lies in the choice filter… any help would be appreciated!


Hi @ddelaski, use “if ( string-length (${name}) != 0, jr:choice-name(${
name }, ‘${
name }’), ‘(
name yet)’)” in calculation command.


Thanks @bernieseville. Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be working. Here’s a photo of what I’ve put into Excel - would you mind taking a look to see if it looks correct?


@ddelaski, looking at your form image, seems the line 7 is confusing, if it is okay with you, can you share this portion in excel file?