How to loop in kobo


I have the following table that I would like to pull data from in KOBOTOOLBOX.

I want to enter a name and get the sessions this person attended along with the date, the way I did it only brings up the first session for each person (if they attended more than one)

Let’s say I want to search for person (A5), I want to get Session9 to Session14, I only get session9 (I use csv to upload this file to kobo)

You could do this through the pull data function outlined in our support article Pull Data Functionality in KoBoToolbox.

This is exactly what I used but it only pulls the first row with the matching name
in the previous photo you can see person A5 attended more than 1 session, but I only get the name of the first session

If you are tying to pull multiple values you will need to have multiple pull function.

Hi @Kal_Lam

Can you please guide how to use multiple pull function.

As the same is my requirement as well for last so many months.

It will really help us lot , in case it solved.

Thanks in advance

CA Neeraj

Hi @ranabenmahmoud
Could you confirm if the appearance for the group Search_Detail is sept to field-list? If that is the case, then your pull will not trigger immediately on KoBoCollect. Could you try removing the appearance setting?


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