How to make a defaut selection of select_one type of question

Hi, I have a list of names that I want one of them to appear by default as a selected item. I am using a select_one type of question. thanks.

Hi @mabdulkareem, you can use the default column for this. For example:


type name label default
select_one names name Choose a name bob


list_name name label
names bob Bob
names alice Alice
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I did, but it didn’t work. Attached is the xlsform Special Needs_M - Copy.xlsx (13.9 KB)

Hi @mabdulkareem, can you try changing the names from using dashes to underscores and see if that solves the issue? I.e. Al-Maymounah to Al_Maymounah.

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it didn’t work.

Hi @mabdulkareem, it works on my side. Please try with this edited version of your XLSForm:

Special Needs_M-fix.xlsx (8.4 KB)

It works! thank you very much.

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