How to make dynamic select_one list with pulldata from CSV

hello i’m trying to make a select_one list that shows me the names of the people i’m talking to inside the family
it is attached with a CSV file i want to user if he entered the serial_no of the family he is talking to only the people names with the similar family number would show in the select_one menu sorry i cant upload a file since i’m a new user :slight_smile:

Maybe this post discussed previously should help you solve your issue:

dear kal i have read the post and it’s different from what i’m doing
my form and CSV file work fine there are no errors,
what i’m trying to do exactly is that i have a CSV file that contains 2500 names for each name it has a Family_number , What i want exactly is when i input the family number the select one list only shows those names that have similar family number to the one i entered ,
right now i’m retrieving all the 2500 names in the select_one and i don’t want that

OK, if this is your case maybe you could design your survey project as outlined in the post discussed previously: