How to manage permissions in Kobotoolbox?

J’ai crée mon premier compte Kobotoolbox dans non humatarian. j’ai édité mon questionnaire XLSForm pour cartographie des zone endémiques à l’onchocercose. Aidez-moi à configurer les portables de mes collègues pour collecter les données.
Est-il possible de créer un compte Humanitarian et déployer le questionnaire labàs?
Je suis novice.
merci pour votre attention.

Welcome to KoBo Community. Can you confirm that you have gone through our support page that is provided at the bottom of this chat trail?


Please pouvez-vous m’orienter vers le lien qui m’aidera à trouver une réponse?

@mtn2020_2030, you could access our support articles here. Maybe our support article Which Server Should I Use? should help you decide which server suits you the most. Besides, please be informed that if you are not a humanitarian worker, you could go with the HHI server.

Thank you M Kal_Lam for your help.
I’m a health worker. I work in the National Program of Neglected Tropical Diseases. After reading " Which Server Should I Use?", I find that Humanitarian workers server fit my aeria. But maybe I miss understanding humanitarian workers.

On the other hand, I’ve already created a non humanitarian account. For the moment I do not find any inconvenient to continue with non humanitarian server as I’m a new user. But I need to create a second account to manage permission.

Alaglo Marcel

Could you explain this further?

For the purpose of monitoring and evaluation, I need to collect data on some diseases with my colleagues. This permission is for enumerators who will collect data.


One account for admin user and the second for enumeraters.
or is it necessery that each enumerater got his account?

@mtn2020_2030, you could have 2 user accounts as visualized i.e., one for the admin and the other for the enumerator. You could then share your questions from the admin restricting permissions as required with the enumerator. But please note that both these user accounts should be created under the same server, i.e., either within the OCHA server or the HHI server. Sharing permissions is not permitted between the servers, i.e., sharing a project from the OCHA server to the HHI server or vice-versa.

I choose HHI server. But I do not receive activation link for my second account. What to do?

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If you have an account issue please reach us through