How to merge a dataset with a roster?

Thanks for showing me the way with the data restructuring, I just need 1 thing if you please show me an example of pulling the data in your case, I mean how u do pull the first name with first gender in your first repeat, second name and second gender in second repeat and so on, just the syntax and used functions in a small example. thank you very much in advance.

Hi @dwaimah
I believe this is now resolved within the original topic which allows every other user to see how it works.


Yes Indeed. Thanks you very much.
last things, if you just tell me how you converted the long data to wide the way you did it, not randomly, I mean like this one you showed me earlier

I have checked to do it the very same way but didn’t find anything.
My data is quit big to handle it using any other manual way
So if you please how me the very same way to do this very same conversion to wide
Thanks for your help!

I used SPSS something known as casestovars command



@dwaimah, you should be able to merge repeat group data with the main data with Excel as outlined in the support article: