How to name the data in Dynamic Data Attachments problem

Hi Everyone,

I’m working on linking two forms,
As you can see, I’m getting the data from csv file (pull data), After that I linked it to the child form

and finally after uploading it to the server and link them together through the browser, I can’t get the data from Parent to Child.

How can I solve the problem?
(Dynamic Data Attachments — KoBoToolbox documentation)
1- Can I get data from the Parent file even if it a pull data or it should be a text or a number for example?
2- I tried to get the data from Parent file changed the collection type (pull data) to entering data as text or number but it didn’t work also.
3- Should I name every column in the parent form as example [here] :face_with_monocle:


Welcome to the community, @MenarYazji! Would you mind pulling a data other then those from a calculate question type?

Hi kal,
I tried to pass the calculation value to a text question and made the text question property to read only, then I link this question with the child form, but it also didn’t work!

Maybe you will first need to be familiar with the syntax by going through the support article shared previously:

You could then fit it the syntax as needed for your requirement.