How to prevent a choice from being selected more than once across different questions

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I am using these forms as an attendance register for an e-learning program being run in a rural part of South Africa. Quick description on how I have set out the form:
Every student appears under the choice tab, assigned to their specific class.
The teacher, when filling out the form selects the class he/she wishes to record the attendance for, and the learners in that class then appear.

Currently the teacher would then select learners who are present and leave the absent learners unselected. I would like to change this to the following:

  1. Teacher selects class:
  2. Learners within that class appear and the teacher is asked to select the learners who are present
  3. The following question would then contain the remaining learners and the teacher is asked to select those who are absent

How do I prevent a teacher from mistakenly selecting a learner twice (once as present, once as absent)?

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Welcome to the community! Do you mean you wish to design a survey form with the similar principle discussed previously:

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