How to protect your XLSForm from Public Access

Hello Everyone,

I want to find out how to protect my XLSForm on KoboToolbox from other users who are not admin to the account.
I have created an account for Data Collectors yet they have access to every thing an admin should have access to as well.

Can I protect the xls file before uploading?

Hi @Ogah,

Kindly please follow the instructions below to make your KoBoToolbox account private where enumerators and public will not have access to your XLS forms:

Option 1 (Using KoBoCollect mobile application for data collection)

Note: this option is only suitable for data collection when you have a android mobile or tablet. Kindly please note that option 1 does not work with apple mobiles or tablets.

  • Download and install the KoBoCollect application from google play store
  • Open KoBoCollect
  • In the General Settings, select Server
  • In the URL: type the link (for non humanitarian account) or (for humanitarian account). Please note that account_name is the name of your KoBoToolbox account.
  • Go back to the main page of KoBoCollect and press Get Blank Form (please ensure that your project form has already been deployed, else you may not be able to get the desired form)

So with option 1 the enumerators will not have access to your KoBoToolbox user account.

Option 2 (Using web browser for data collection)

  • After you deploy the form you will be able to see COPY and OPEN slightly under the Collect data tab.
  • Click COPY. A link will be copied to the clipboard and paste it over to your mail to share the same to your enumerators where they will be able to collect data (by pasting the link) through any of the available web browsers.

So with option 2 too the enumerators will not have access to your KoBoToolbox user account.

Thank you so much, Kal_Lam.
Your solution is okay but I had to add username on the KoboCollect app to achieve that.

Data Collectors no longer have full access to xlsform since they didn’t know admin password.

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