How to rename or add new filed in kobo tool box

How to rename sector in self hosted kobo tool box and add own fields


Welcome back to the community @Mdkhamru! Please note, i have split your post to 3 different post as it had three different issues. This should keep the issues well documented and easy for searching for other users if and when required.

Regarding your issue, you could simply make changes and then redeploy the changes made. Note if you do not redeploy the changes do not stay as wished.

please let me know which file i need to rename this fields ,or need to change in DB ?

All you will need to do is as follows:

  • Go to SETTINGS>General.
  • There you will need to make changes as required.
  • Then press SAVE CHANGES.
  • After doing so, you could go to FORM and then press REDEPLOY.

sorry the ask was not to add ,here the ask was to sector in own name

i am not able to edit name ,here the request was to edit public administration to ex name.

Hi @Mdkhamru

You can not edit the options within the sector. This is not just possible,


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The code is in kpi repo, the file is