How to restrict an answer based on a previous response?

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I’m currently trying to refine my form through kobo and xls forms.

I have an initial question of How many days in the past week has your household eaten vegetables? The answer can be between 0-7, through a range function

I have a question leading from this, How many days in the past week has your household eaten green leafy vegetables? I want this answer to be restricted to equal or less than the answer for overall vegetables.

Any tips on how to do this? I was thinking of a constraint or if function, but struggling with the right formula

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Yes your are right this is the way to do.
Let’s say your first question is ${day_vegetable}, in the second question your can put a constraint using the dot to refer to the actual question. So in the constraint column of your XLS Form, you put without the " :
" .<=${day_vegetable} "
If you are using the form buidler i don’t know i never use it but there is surely a way!

Have fun

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Hi Quentin,

Wow that worked a treat with your code!

Thanks so much,

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Hi, can you do this in the form builder? Or editing the xlsform is the only way? Thank you.

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Hi @wiydiy, I have always found it easier to do it through excel… Sorry about the delay

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