How to restrict enumerator from deselecting a selected option

I would like to run a basic literacy and numeracy skills test for girls who dropped out of schools. During the test, I would want to restrict student from deselecting a selected option. Kindly assist me. @stephanealoo; @Kal_Lam

Do you mean once you select option 1 it cannot be cancelled and select option 2?

@Kal_Lam, Yes! For instance, in this question: Are you male or female? If you select MALE, you can not undo the selection to select FEMALE. You only have to proceed to the next question.

If this is the requirement, you could simply configure your KoBoCollect andrord app as follows:

  • Open KoBoCollect android app
  • Select Admin Settings
  • Select Form Entry Settings
  • Simply deselect Moving backwards

With this configuration, your enumerators are not able to edit what has been once entered and moved forward.

@Kal_Lam, Thank you very much! I’ll will try that out.

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Hello @emaford,
What is the reason not to allow this? KoBo will automatically adapt to the change concerning relevants, calculations and other dependencies.

This is intended to administer test to students. That is, whenever, a student answer to a question, he or she can not go back to make a change.

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In addition to what @Kal_Lam has recommended which requires that the students use the KoBoCollect application on android phones or tablets, you may want to consider a potential workaround on Enketo which is a web form. This in essence enforces your rule using a set of three questions for every question such as below.

When I deploy the form, I take my exam with the first take as below.

I then change it to something else as follows

I then submit my data, the original response would be captured in the calculate question, as shown in the data screenshot below

Hope this, in addition to what @Kal_Lam provided give you options to work on your exams.


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Thanks for the feedback. I am trying out the various feedback as advised. Thanks