How to restrict metacharacter from names?

Hi, how can I restrict metacharacter (e.i. accent (´) and point (.)) for the input of the beneficiaries name.

Thanks in advance

Welcome to the community, @miriamgomo! Could you provide more details on this (maybe with an example of what you expect and how it should behave when collecting data)? The details should help the community understand and support your query.

Welcome @miriamgomo,
Maybe the following recent post can give you hints and links:

Yes, I’m not sure if I’m using the right word, but I’m trying to refer metacharacters as special characters “’ , . ; ´- _”.

In Mexico many names have accents like “José González”, but I want to restrict the use of accent because the same person sometimes use it, and sometimes don’t, so is harder for me to clean the data base.

The same with the point (.) in Mexico some people that have two surnames use an abbreviation for one of them, ejample: “Ma. Rosa González” or “María I. González”, and again sometimes they use it, and sometimes they don’t.

I would like that if they use accent or point appear like an invalid response.

Thnk y0u

@miriamgomo, I have not tried this out with the language you have pointed out (due to my language barrier). However, this post discussed could give you a clue that it should work: