How to trigger a new language to be accepted in transifex?

I am working at the university. I have a certain level of English. My first language is Turkish. At the same time, I had the translation supervised by a teacher.

@serkantumbas, pinging in here @JackieM.

If I need someone on transifex, I’ll try to set it up. Let’s define it for the teacher’s account. Translation for Enketo has been completed and accepted. They published it but it has not been updated on kobotool.

@serkantumbas, please be informed that it only gets updated when a reviewer reviews your translation.

How will it be if there is no one other than me?

@serkantumbas, our team is looking for a way-out. Will reach back to you soon.

@serkantumbas While we do really appreciate all your help with the translations, we need to have all translations reviewed by a second person. The scripts that pull the translations from Transifex will only pull translations that have been reviewed.

As for Enketo, we will need to update the version of Enketo before the translations are available. We’ve tried to update it twice recently but ended up having to roll the version back both times because of the issues that it caused,

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I texted the Transifex project manager 3 times. I can not get any answers.

How do you think this situation progresses?

The Transifex project manager is not directly a part of the Kobo Team so they will probably be unable to help.

I’ve been working to get things sped up. If you can find someone to review the translations, we may be able to have the translations ready for the next release. Just keep in mind that we don’t have a date set for the release yet and it’s very dependent on other projects that need to be completed first.

Enketo is not something we can expediate right now because the severity of the bugs upgrading causes is too high.

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There was no improvement in the last case. Enketo is more important because the language of the people who will see the survey is more important. We will have difficulties. Still thanks for your attention. We are looking for different solutions.

Enketo needs to be updated. Turkish language half translated. Translation has been completed on Transifex but you have not updated it to the new version. At the same time, the KoboToolBox translation was also 100% completed, but the authorities were not interested. I completed the translations alone, wasted my time and none of them were reflected.

@serkantumbas, pinging @JackieM here for the notification.

Hi @serkantumbas, I’m very sorry for the confusion. I understand that you put a lot of work into these translations and it’s frustrating not to have them shown on the public servers that we host.

I will share with you my frustration that I’ve had to roll back Enketo twice due to severe bugs. Because of the time pressure on our team to release many features that we are contractually obligated to deliver by certain deadlines, I have not been able to spend the time needed to:

  1. Set up a public beta installation of KoBoToolbox with the latest Enketo;
  2. Recruit a dedicated group of power users who will test this Enketo with all of their complex forms;
  3. Wait for them test and share their results;
  4. Fix any issues they find prior to deploying on our main servers, thus giving us a minimum level of confidence that we will not (for a third time!) disrupt sensitive data collection that’s already in progress.

To complicate matters, the primary maintainer of Enketo is effectively retiring, and a complex transition to sharing the maintenance burden across at least three different organizations is in progress.

Regarding your KoBoToolbox translations, we failed to provide you with clear guidance that all translations must be verified by a second translator. I am sorry about that. This is not to impugn your language skill in any way or to diminish our gratitude for your contribution: it’s simply the only way we have to ensure the quality of translations when we, as a small team of maintainers, are not fluent in all the languages of the world. Similarly, when I make a change to the source code, another developer must review it before it’s included in a deployment.

I ask for your patience and understanding that maintaining projects like KoBoToolbox and Enketo, which have many different users with a multitude of sometimes conflicting demands, is a challenging task. We do our best, and sometimes, sadly, that really isn’t enough.

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Hi @jnm and @serkantumbas

I can verify / help with the Turkish translation process, if it is still relevant.


@JackieM pinging you for the support please.

Yes, i still waiting on transifex

Hi @hakan_cetinkaya,

Thank you for your willingness to help us resolve this!

If you go to KoBoToolbox localization and click Help translate KoBoToolbox button, you will be able to sign up there and it will send us a request to add you to the project. I will add you to the Turkish language so you can review it.

The documentation for Transifex is available here. Here . Please let us know if you have any issues.


Hello @JackieM,

Thank you, I signed up to Transifex. Waiting for your reviewer access.


I will do my best to review / verify the translation as soon as possible.



I have added you as a reviewer. Please let me know if you need anything else.