How to trigger a new language to be accepted in transifex?

Hi everyone,

I wonder how to trigger a new language in the translations on Transifex.
you can see that there are 10 languages requested, but not approved.
I tried to find a contact to project administrators or project maintainers, but I can’t find anything.

And as far as I understood it’s not the right way to make a pull request on GitHub - kobotoolbox/form-builder-translations



Hi @ahoppe
Welcome to the community forum. When I look at transifex, you are able to request a language translation and trigger. I am however notifying our developers’ team to see into the approvals.

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Hi @stephaneloo

That would be great.
Of course I can’t tell about the other requested languages. But the amount made me think of another step to request.
Thank you for your help.