How to trigger a new language to be accepted in transifex?

Hi everyone,

I wonder how to trigger a new language in the translations on Transifex.
you can see that there are 10 languages requested, but not approved.
I tried to find a contact to project administrators or project maintainers, but I can’t find anything.

And as far as I understood it’s not the right way to make a pull request on GitHub - kobotoolbox/form-builder-translations



Hi @ahoppe
Welcome to the community forum. When I look at transifex, you are able to request a language translation and trigger. I am however notifying our developers’ team to see into the approvals.

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Hi @stephaneloo

That would be great.
Of course I can’t tell about the other requested languages. But the amount made me think of another step to request.
Thank you for your help.

Hi @ahoppe, we’re managing the Transifex translations for KoBoToolbox. Thanks for pushing forward the UI translations. Which language do you want to add?

We are close to releasing several major new features related to the question library, which also include other UI improvements. This will mean adding a number of new language strings that have to be translated, and in some cases existing ones will change as well, meaning that new translations are going to be needed. In anticipation of that we decided to delay adding new languages and to update existing ones, otherwise translators would have to duplicate some of the work, which could be frustrating.

I’m copying @jnm who I think is working on pushing the new language related to the upcoming release to Transifex. As soon as that is done we will go ahead and approve all the recent language requests so that volunteer translators can join and begin the translation process.

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Hi @tinok

sorry for beeing a bit persistent in this topic. I hope not to bother you.

In my case it would be German (de).

And in my case the additional work for an upcoming feature release is already done.
I needed the translation, so i decided to do it directly on the *.ko files and deploy them by hand on my instance. But that is not the way I want to follow. I would much rather the community benefit from my work as well.
In addition: Having my changes merged upstream would ease my deployment as well :wink:
So for German don’t worry about duplicate work :slight_smile:

For the whole picture it’s good to know that there is a reason for “delaying” a bit and the translations aren’t in a hibernation state.

Thank you for your efforts!

That’s fantastic news, let’s make sure we can upload and merge your translations from the ko file as soon as our strings are updated. Thanks for spending this time. I’d love to learn more about your project and how you’re using KoBo on your end, feel free to send me a direct message if you’re able to share some of these details.

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Sorry for being busy in other projects.
I filed a pull request

with my version.
I’m not really sure about the header information, so a check of these might be a good idea before a merge.
The translation itself should be ok, apart perhaps from typos.

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@ahoppe We updated all the strings in Transifex based on the latest version of kpi. Ideally we add your work there so it can be updated and improved in the future. Copying @magicznyleszek who may have some ideas on how to best integrate these strings. In the meantime, I just added you as coordinator to the newly created German team on Transifex :slight_smile:


@tinok I translated two strings for testing reasons: Everything seems fine.
In the next couple of days I will continue to translate the new strings.

As for now I will not review, because technically these are my own translations. If anybody else wants to review them: Feel free!

Thank you all for your preliminary work. Alone I would be far from being able to create such a platform.


That’s great news, thanks! If you know another German speaker who could do the verification that would be ideal.

@JackieM will get back on how we can import the existing translations into Transifex.

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I’ve discovered that after a little manual cleaning, the translations are easy to upload to Transifex. The translations from your branch @ahoppe should have been uploaded late last night, they just need approval from someone who speaks german :slight_smile:

The only thing I had to do was clean it to remove the non-translated strings because it would have treated them as if they were German


Thanks Kal_Lam,
I could take entirely on me the work to make the whole translation for an additional language (Italian) and then share it back with the community, but I see that it must be done only by Transifex, which is not free.
Is this the right way to proceed?

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Thank you for showing your interest in this @Chiaretta. I have moved your thread here and am also pinging @JackieM, who should be able to respond to your query with much clarity.

Hi @Chiaretta ,

what I did for local testing was to copy the language files
Then you have to tell kobo there is an additional language in
in line 15 and start over the setup routine with --setup

I don’t know if this is the right approach, but it worked for me.

Transifex as I understood is only a web based editor to these files.

Well and there is a README which could have saved @JackieM from cleaning up my attempt if I would have been able to follow the instructions :wink:

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@Chiaretta Thank you for your interest in helping us with translations!

The instructions given by @ahoppe are one good way of helping us update translations. Though the steps in the README only work if you are a part of our team on Transifex.

The other way (and the way that I recommend) is to create an account on Transifex. Transifex only costs money if you create your own project on it, and you can request to be added to our project. If you go to KoBoToolbox localization and click Help translate KoBoToolbox button, you should be able to sign up there and it should send us a request to add you to the project.

You can also find the documentation for Transifex Here and feel free to @ me if you have any questions


Many many thanks. I’ll look into it


Turkish translate %100 ready on transifex. We wait transport :innocent:
In addition enketo %100 ready :star_struck:

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Thank you @serkantumbas! Have merged your thread to this post so that @JackieM would be aware on it.

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@serkantumbas I’m hoping to have all the translations updated soon, I’ll ping you as soon as they are updated :slight_smile:


Thank you, @serkantumbas, for all your hard work and support with the Turkish translation.