How to write Kobo json query to filter based on grouped questionnaire for Power BI

I can create json url filter with the question which is not grouped, but how do I script a url with filter that has to be filtered using a question inside the group in the Kobo form.

example: Json.Document(Web.Contents(“{”“have_answer”": ““yes””}"), xxxxx) ; this filtering is based on a question (have_answer) that is not grouped, and it was successfully executed.

But for a question that is inside a group “Color”, and Question “is_it_yellow” (responses :yes/no) , I have tried doing
Json.Document(Web.Contents(“{”“Color.is_it_yellow”": ““yes””}"), xxxxx) ;

This executes with no output, cant understand what is wrong. I have over 50,000 records, hence I need to apply filter , since I am loading it in Power BI and it does not read more than 30,000 records in one table.

I am facing the same issue, have you found a solution? :slight_smile: