Json query for repeated groups fields using API

I am trying to filter a json of my data containing a repeated group. I can successfully filter any field that does not belong to a repeated group
(Example: KoBoToolbox Form Building API<form_id>/data/?format=json&query={“submitted_by”:“andrea_ageon”})

When I try to query a field in a repeated group
(Example: KoBoToolbox Form Building API<form_id>/data?format=json&query={“my_group”:{“my_group/question_2”:“April”}} )
I always get an empty json

The only way I am able to query a repeated group is if I specify every single field of the repeated group in the query with corresponding values but that defeats the purpose
(Example: KoBoToolbox Form Building API<form_id>/data?format=json&query={“my_group”:{“my_group/question_1”:“2022”,“my_group/question_2”:“April”, “my_group/question_3”:“5th”}} )

How can I create a query that allows to filter the json based on 1 question in a repeated group?
Maybe there is a way to accept any value for the questions I am not intersted in filtering?
(Example: KoBoToolbox Form Building API<form_id>/data?format=json&query={“my_group”:{“my_group/question_1”:“any_value_is_good”,“my_group/question_2”:“April”, “my_group/question_3”:“any_value_is_good”}} )

I hope I was able to explain myself but please feel free to ask for clarifications.
Another user had the same issue here: How to write Kobo json query to filter based on grouped questionnaire for Power BI

Thank you!