HTML Spans from calculate fields

Hi folks. I found this Changing color based on score article, but the XLSForm solution doesn’t seem to work anymore.

I uploaded only that example XLSForm to test and currently the span html is escaped before being displayed/returned in the web interface:
Screenshot from 2023-06-01 16-11-41

Is this a known issue or is there another suggested way to allow using HTML spans that are returned from a calculate field?

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@jessedp, it seems like you are using Enketo for this. Could you try it out in the Collect Android App to see how it behaves?

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Sigh. Yes, it works in the Android app.

Guess we’ll need to use the Enketo web-based forms - the work around I came up with for now is to use your same XLSForm setup, but with emojis (:white_check_mark:, :warning:, :x:, etc) in place of the styled spans for a semi-similar visual indicator. Thanks for the quick reply!