HTTP 500 when creating a project

Hi all,

Please assist: on a standalone server, creating a new project fails with the message Error: new project could not be created. (code: INTERNAL SERVER ERROR)

It is a standalone kobo-docker installation updated with latest images. The log entry is the following:

postgres_1 | 2018-06-08 0X:XX:XX GMT ERROR: null value in column “map_custom” violates not-null constraint

postgres_1 | 2018-06-08 0X:XX:XX GMT DETAIL: Failing row contains (2472, t, 2018-06-08 06:34:29.330079+00, 2018-06-08 06:34:29.330118+00, {“schema”:“1”,“survey”:[],“settings”:{}}, survey, t, ahMuaMB89hCaEYWCNLGFSX, 1, null, {}, {}, {“default”: {}, “specified”: {}, “kuid_names”: {}}, {“sector”: “”, “country”: “”, “description”: “t”, "share-metadat…, {}, null, null).
postgres_1 | 2018-06-08 0X:XX:XX GMT STATEMENT: INSERT INTO “kpi_asset” (“name”, “date_created”, “date_modified”, “content”, “summary”, “report_styles”, “report_custom”, “map_styles”, “map_custom”, “asset_type”, “parent_id”, “owner_id”, “editors_can_change_permissions”, “uid”, “settings”, “_deployment_data”) VALUES (‘t’, ‘2018-06-08T06:34:29.330079+00:00’::timestamptz, ‘2018-06-08T06:34:29.330118+00:00’::timestamptz, ‘{“schema”:“1”,“survey”:[],“settings”:{}}’, ‘{}’, ‘{“default”: {}, “kuid_names”: {}, “specified”: {}}’, ‘{}’, NULL, NULL, ‘survey’, NULL, 1, true, ‘ahMuaMB89hCaEYWCNLGFSX’, ‘{“sector”: “”, “country”: “”, “share-metadata”: false, “description”: “t”}’, ‘{}’) RETURNING “kpi_asset”.“id”

Please assist,

Thank you