I am learning to use the KoBoToolbox, however I find myself limited. Any help?

Voudriez-vous bien devenir mon mentor

Hello, I am Moïse BYAMUNGU, I am still a student, I would like to work in the field of monitoring and evaluation of projects. I am learning to use the Kobo tool, however I find myself limited, I would love to have your help, vo

Welcome to the community @moisebyamungu! We have a lot of support articles which should help you better understand KoBoToolbox. Please feel free to scan them here. We also have a lot of solutions for a wide range of KoBoToolbox related issues in this forum. You could go through the forum post and you should be bale to learn a lot. Apart from these, we also have an active community who should be able to help you if you have any KoBoToolbox related issues.

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