I have a problem, which is the appearance of the value instead of the name

The issue I’m facing is that instead of displaying the names, the system is showing the values. This makes it difficult to understand the data or make sense of the information presented. It’s crucial for the system to correctly display the names associated with the values to ensure clarity and usability. I need to troubleshoot this issue and find a solution to ensure that the system accurately represents the data with the corresponding names.

Could you share an extract of the related choice list, please?

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Hi @salemalkilani,

It seem that if the form has at least 2 languages and/or has label::(language) the XML values are shown in the report view instead of labels.

This was discussed in detail in this post, I strongly suggest you to take a look at it.

In short:

  • If you are not using a multi language form, changing the label::(language) to label format would solve the issue.
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