I lost my questionnaire, the system did not save it

Hi. I spent almost all day in drafting a questionnaire, and while I was doing it I was saving it. In the end I discovered that the system did not save even one question.
I don’t understand what happened. Is there a way to get it back?
Thanks a lot,

Hey @alliance2015
Might be this is the reason that your system has too many tabs open but as you are saying you have saved it so you can refresh your kobo account tab and log in again. Check it in drafts. If you have deployed the project the system cannot lost it unless you have deleted the project in its settings. Try logging again and you can search the name of the project in home bar of kobo at the top.
Thank you

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Hi @alliance2015,

At the moment, there’s no user interface to retrieve back your lost projects that has been saved (but was interrupted somehow and is not displaying in your account) which has not been deployed yet.

However the good part is that if you think that you have invested a significant amount of time and energy (and assume that you were almost done with your survey questionnaire) i would advise you to share your URL with the developers. They might be able to retrieve it back for you.

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Thanks a lot. In the end I discovered it was not a problem with Kobo but with my PC (no authorisation to use Kobo)!


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