I need help to sync my data to android device

I need help to sync my data to android device. I keep getting message "Collect can’t reach the server at https://kf.kobotoolbox.org. Did you enter the URL correctly? If you keep having this problem, report ut to the person who asked you to collect data. "
I’m about to the servey which is really important, and I need it on few devices.
Thank you in advance !

Welcome to the community, @stars_up2018! Did you mean you wanted to get a blank form to the app or did you want to upload the submissions back to the server?

In both cases, you will need to configure your Collect android app as outlined in the support article shared previously:

I want to get blank forms. It’s impossible for me. It’s like it wont link 2 accounts eventho I gave permissions to the other account. When i click on get blank forms it pops out this error which i wrote.

Got it :slight_smile: I was typing the wrong URL. Instead of kc i typed kf. I have one more question tho. Is there any possibilitty to make a sample size? For example I would like for my survey to has 50 women and 60 man, I need 30 questionaries in age range 15-30, and 15 questionaries between 30 and 50 age range. Can I make that sample size where Kobo would count those ranges and when one reange is reached it blocks it.? I hope I explained well. :slight_smile:

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@stars_up2018, happy to know that you finally solved your issue :partying_face: :tada:

Regarding the sample size, please be informed that this feature is still not possible with KoboToolbox. We however already have this suggestion in the community.

Maybe you could VOTE to make it a reality!