I uploaded the csv file, but the data is not replaced with new one ( in Kobo Collect )

Hi @Kal_Lam

I used to use this form for last more than 4 months and it was working perfectly

Please guide how can I find the identifiers , I don’t know much about technical definitions

If you look at my post discussed previously you should find a question that says Please Enter Your 4 Digit Ecode. This is the identifier for the pulldata function.

Hi @Kal_Lam

i had changed the identifier limit of 4 digit and it worked as desired as it did previously , but data is not replaced when i update the data file in media section

OK, let me check this at my end. Could you let me know the server are you using so that I could check the same at my end?


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@caneeraj, do you keep the name of the CSV file same or do you change the name?


earlier is used to keep it same , but now if i need the update data then i need to update the file name both in form and media section , then it will update

So your concern is that it should work without changing the filename (even when you update the CSV file)? Did I get you correctly?

Yes and this was what used to happened earlier without any issue , other wise think of the situation if a data need to be changed daily what i have to do is daily change in xls form and daily file name change will be required , and after some day redeployment will stop due to number of redeployed restriction.

earlier method was much simpler and easy , now it has become more complicated and problematic

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@caneeraj, I did this and observed the following:

  • Uploaded the xlsform to the server that had pulldata function.
  • Uploaded the CSV file.
  • Deployed.
  • Observed that I was able to pull data from the CSV normally.
  • Now updated the revised CSV file (with some new records) and replaced them from SETTINGS>Media.
  • Redeployed the survey project.
  • Observed that it did not pull the information from the updated records (in either Collect android app or Enketo.

Is this the same case you are having? I tested this with the HHI server.

Update: I also removed the CSV file (from the server) and then collected the data with Enketo and Collect android app and was still able to pull the data that was loaded in the SETTINGS>Media previously even when there was no CSV file currently loaded for this project. Test based on what @york_rff has reported here:

Yes , Exactly the same is happening

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@caneeraj, will get back to you when we resolve this issue.

Dear @Kal_Lam still we are waiting for a solution to the above-mentioned problem.

HI @Kal_Lam

Any update to this , Please ?

Cheers !


@caneeraj, @hamayoon_amini2010, the temporary workaround for this is the following workflow:

When you are designing a new project:

  • Design survey project (from form builder or upload an xlsform)
  • Upload CSV file/media file
  • Deploy

In cases where you simply wish to update your CSV file from an ongoing survey project:

  • Delete the CSV file that is present in the server from SETTINGS>Media
  • Update your CSV file and then upload the same back to the server
  • Go to FORM>Edit
  • Make no changes but simply press the SAVE button
  • Redeploy

HI @Kal_Lam

It worked , Thanks

but as i know there is some limit on number of redeployments , so i afraid i may not be able to use after few days as i will be barred in this.

Cheers !


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@caneeraj, we are exploring on this and will reach out if there are any that should be notified.

Hi @Kal_Lam

Any update please



@caneeraj, we will let you know when we have one.

@caneeraj, this has been fixed. So now once you upload your CSV file or any other media files, you will need to deploy/redeploy.