I want to have a short chat with you regarding the kobo functions

Dear Sir,
Where are you from ? I want to have a short chat with you regarding the kobo functions.
If it is possible to have short meeting with you(On-line or in-person), I am from Nepal.

@bishwashm, we respond to all the queries made by our users. Hence, please feel free to reach us through the community. Having our discussion here should benefit the entire community!

But when reaching us through the community, please note that you keep one post for one issue so the community can easily search for the related topic they wish to explore.

My query is same as the one discussed in this post Preventing duplicate entries by respondents - #4 by win123vn .
I did everything and still it is not showing the duplicates.

@bishwashm, in this case, I would advise you to first play with the XLSForms shared in the support article. If you can get that working, it would not be an issue for the one you have currently.

When i try to connect the form to itself using the XLS form provided in support article name Beneficiary Name: there is error message as : “Only letters, numbers and - are allowed”

@bishwashm, first, maybe you will need to try connecting Form A with Form B as outlined in the support article. Once you are able to achieve this, you could go with connecting the project to self.

Can you provide me the link for the support article and section to refer to for this avoiding duplicates?
I do not have 2 forms. I want to make sure that there is no entry of the same person(with Unique ID) again and avoid duplication.

This is the original article: