Identify version of the data

Hello, I need to clean a database from Kobo collect. The form has been updated several times during data collection. Depending on the version of the form used in the field, my cleaning may not be the same.
How do I know which version was used for each observation?

I have two variables in my database that give me some indication but don’t satisfy me:

  • one variable generated by the calculate field: version(). Sadly it gives me a version number for only 2/83 observations, which I can’t understand.
  • the submission variable _ _ version _ _ automatically generated by the form. When it gives me the code v3F26XAL5YuDJcXm7L2VjY: are we talking about version 3 of the form since the code starts with v3? If yes, then which version are we talking about when the code starts with vR?

Also, those 2 variables do not seem to align when they are both filled.

Thank you for any help!

@Olivia, maybe you can identify the form version as outlined in this post discussed previously: