If anyone has any questions about using FME to do API calls please ping me


Hello Kal,

If anyone has any questions about using FME to do api calls please ping me and I’ll help them :slight_smile:




Hi @GISKitchener, thank you for offering this support through our community! Sorry for making this post public. But I felt like it should be public so that the entire community could benefit from your offer to support.

BTW, could you also briefly describe how FME would support KoboToolbox? Maybe our community would also be interested to know about the same.

Thank you once again :clap: :heart: :partying_face:

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Hello @Kal_Lam

FME is a data translation tool that can read many different types of data and write to different types of data.

FME also has licenses available for charitable organizations.

We are using FME to call in the data from the API, download the files, edit the fields, calculate the fields, rename and then put the data into our database. The whole process is automated by a batch file that will run three times a day.

I am available for help if anyone here is trying to use FME to import data using an API call (json file)



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@GISKitchener, do you have some article that could show how it works? Having an article on how it works with KoboToolbox would benefit our entire community!

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