Image type question with draw appearance

Hi everyone, I have added an image-sketch type question that enables the sketching of different shapes. Unfortunately, when I use it on a mobile device it does not have an ‘undo’ option which means you will have to delete the entire sketch when you go wrong. Is there a way to enable ‘undo’.


Welcome to the community, @data_1378! Did you mean you are using the image question type with draw as appearance?

Yes please

@Kal_Lam unlike Enketo, the mobile device view in the drawing does not have ‘undo’ it only has a reset button which actually deletes the entire sketch.

@data_1378, yes there seems to be an undo button for the Enekto while the same does not exist for the Collect android app. Maybe the Collect android app could have an eraser like button or an undo button that could do similar to Enketo’s undo button. Maybe @Xiphware could add more to this.