Import dynamic data file (CSV link) from Sharepoint, Dropbox, Google Sheet, etc


After the last big update, I have noticed that it is now possible to import media from external link, which is great. But I’ve come unable to use it properly. Here’s my case:

  1. I built a form. I want to pull data from a CSV file into the form.
  2. Since Kobo now lets users import media from external link, it came to my mind that I can implement a ‘last month report’ kind of section into the form, which is of course then dynamic because data evolve every month and I thought that this way I don’t need to upload a new CSV every single time.
  3. But I’m running into two major issues:
    a. Since Kobo can’t pull data from XLS format but only CSV, the CSV doesn’t take in account formulas, so whenever I’m changing the file format, the formulas I’ve put in a column now become plain text. Is there a third-way you can suggest to pull data that evolve dynamically?
    b. At one time I gave up on the idea thinking maybe it’s not the right time to implement a. So I decided to delete the report section and just used usual CSV files. I tried to import it from sharepoint first, but it wouldn’t recognize the link (which I understand is from the fact that Sharepoint is a private platform), then tried with Dropbox. Dropbox would recognize the shared link as a valid media but I don’t know how to pull the data (I tried the ususal pull data, csv_file_name but it didn’t work. Same issue on Google Sheet. Is there something I missed or can I get tips on how to go through all this?

Thanks alot already.

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Welcome back to the community, @miranto! Maybe you could try using the dynamic data attachment feature which should solve your current need.