Improve automatic naming of response values

I’ve posted about this before, but to lodge a formal feature update request: We build forms directly in Kobo not in XLS. Whenever we assign values, we run into a 14 character limit. Can you please increase this limit, at least double it? Many many times we need a longer value. This is for multiple choice, not free text kind of questions which are almost all of ours.

Thank you.

Hi @mapkibera,

Could you show us a screenshot of the issue you are having. This should help us understand the issue in a pictorial way.


Yes! see here. values cut off.

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There are a few things we can do to improve automatic naming of response options in the formbuilder. Note that there is no limit when importing the form from XLS, only when creating forms in the formbuilder.

There is an existing issue on Github that discusses some of the possible changes which would address the issues listed by @mapkibera.

An important improvement that is long overdue would be to allow non-Latin/ASCII characters in the XML name (slug). This is, again, allowed by XLSForm and retained when importing an XLSForm file but not yet possible in the formbuilder.


Thank you for coming up with the wonderful suggestions in the forum. Kindly please be informed that KoBoToolbox at present should be able to support a maximum of 40 characters as choice name.