Indefinite-repeat in nesteed repeat group


I try to make an indefinite-repeat in a nesteed repeat group.
The first repeat group does not have a repeat_count,
The second/nesteed, the repeat_count is based on the choice of select_one (like I have found on somes forum).
It’s ok in single repeat_group, but not in a nesteed repeat group.
I try to fix the calculate path, without success.

test_loop.xlsx (19.7 KB)

Do you have any idea ?

@jdugh, maybe try removing the repeat_count column and it should work i.e. you should be able to have infinite repeats within a repeat group.

ok @Kal_Lam , but i would like to ask the user with a question if he wishes continue to add a repeat group, and not with the “+” button.

Yes, that you will need to do it.