Information of an item does not appear when the data is downloaded

Hello, I have a survey which when downloading the data, the data of an item does not appear. The survey has 6 versions but none of them touches that particular item, can you please help me to find the reason why the data does not appear?.
PD. in the same survey I have another matrix in which I don’t have that problem

Hey @nazaret,

I was trying to figure out the project name from your user account shared yesterday but unfortunately could not. Could you kindly provide me the exact name that is present in your user account so that we could have a closer look at it.

Are you able to see the data when you try to make a new entry? I just made a sub-set of your issue and deployed them through my user account and could see all the data that you claim have been missing. Could you kindly confirm on this so that we could move ahead with solving your issue.

Good morning, I’m sorry I didn’t answer before but the time difference is great. I can see the information contained in each one of the loaded surveys, I can also see the item to be filled out. it just doesn’t download. If I now add a new entry I can see the options I can see what the question asks

Would you mind trying out a workaround. Try uploading the same xlsform as a new project and fill up the survey form to see if you are able to see the missing information that you claim to be are not shown in the server.

BTW, what do you use to collect data? Enketo or KoBoCollect android app?

Ok, I’m going to do it. The load of the survey is done through Enketo

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it works, download all the information. I didn’t make any modifications to it, I just downloaded the form and then uploaded it
the name of the project is akbUvKaR3Qf3hi4Bytyqf7

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So you mean, you do not see the data missing for the field that had data missing previously? Did i get that correctly?

No, in the new project if everything is being downloaded, including the items that the original project does not download

Sorry did not get you. Do you mean to say, the issue still exists in your new project as well?

no, the problem does not exist in the new project

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Oh! Good to know it is finally working for you!

waiting! I need the data that is the project, in addition to that there are many surveys in draft mode waiting for the bug to be fixed to send

Sorry could not understand.

I need all the data contained in the original project, even the items you don’t want to download. There are many items in draft(enkento) waiting for the bug to be solved.

There are many surveys in draft mode (in enketo) waiting to be uploaded to the server.

Can you help me? please

So in this case if i have understood you correctly, you already have data being collected as draft ready to be synced with the KoBoToolbox server (in Enketo) for the survey project you have deployed previously where you claim one of the variable does not hold the record you have entered (as shown in the image below, that i have referenced from the image you have shared above).

So now your concern is that you wish to sync your data with the KoBoToolbox server but fear that you might loose your data like you have done previously? The other concern is that you wish to have all the missing data while you download your data?

Yes, I am concerned about the missing data to be synchronized and the data that is already on the server because that information is collected directly from the sites and there is no way to do it again. we can’t lose that information.
there’s no way that it can download all the data as it normally did? I need it to sync everything when I download the data (those that are already on the server and those that are in enketo waiting to be synchronized)

Hi @nazaret
Just for clarity

Could you clarify what exactly happens with those that are on enketo waiting to be uploaded. Some screenshot would help.


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