Information shows multiple times as there are x number of iterations using Barcode scanner with pulldata

Hello everyone!

First of all, thanks to you all, I’m enjoying the guides. With combined lessons from the Forum, I downloaded a form, modified it and came up with this:

form that uses barcode scan to ‘pulldata’ from csv and shows the information of a member (through ‘note’ field-list). It can also detect duplicate barcode (through indexed-repeat) and shows a warning.

My problem is: as I scan more and more barcodes, the ‘note’ shows information of the same member as there are number of iterations that has been made. Example:

1st scan: member info shows once;
2nd scan: member info shows twice;
3rd scan: member info shows thrice, and so forth…

I want to retain both the capabilities of pulldata-info show after each scan and duplicates detection.

Hoping to hear a fix soon. Thanks!

I’m attaching the files for your perusal.
BarcodeReaderPulldata.xls (30 KB) bcodepulldata.csv (289 Bytes)

@michaeluspay, it seems like you are trying to enter a new record in the system and then pull data from the same and see if those entries are new or a duplicate record?

No, I have an existing data. What I’m trying to achieve is to scan the barcode of ID cards of members (whose data are pre-loaded in csv) to record a distribution of aid. Upon scan, the software will show the member’s information. But, I also want the software to detect if a member who has already made a claim so I can detect duplicate or double claims.

The functions above are working, except that as I scan barcodes, the member’s information show more than once as there are number of iterations that was already made. Example:

  1. Scan of Brad’s ID, information shows: one time; Next,
  2. Scan of Keanu’s ID, information shows twice; swipe twice, Next
  3. Scan of Megan’s ID, information shows thrice…swipe thrice to get to Next. It isn’t a great user experience if we scan hundreds of barcodes.

Please help.

I solved this problem by transferring the ‘note’ to show the member information to a group (begin&end, not repeat) below the barcode function but outside the ‘begin-repeat rCheck’. Now, no matter how many iterations there are, the member information will only show once.

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