Input GPS coordinates manually in KoBoCollect

Hello, everyone!

I would like to ask if anyone knows if it is possible to setup entry boxes to manually input latitude and longitude data, in a geopoint type questions, when using KoBoCollect.

I have seen previous discussions like:


But I seem to have the opposite problem of most people: I want to enable manual input, for cases when the user gets the information from a different GPS source than the device used for collecting data.
It could be a similiar layout as the WebForm, but applied to KoBoCollect.
Is it possible?

@nadiacoelho, did you mean inputting a geopoint manually something like this but in the Collect Android App?


Yes, but specifically these boxes for latitude and longitude, in the left side:

For Collect you might use text type entry fields and concat them, plus default separator, with a calculation into a geotype variable (read_only) or a (hidden) calculate type.