Is it possible to add additional layers to the map?

I have a question regarding geopoint and map in PC version (not mobile devices):

Is it possible to add additional layers to the map? The satellit layer (Esri) disappears when one zoom in.

@alexdahl, at the moment, it’s only the Collect Android App that supports this feature which can be done as outlined in the post discussed previously:

Thanks for your answer.
Instead of adding additional layer, is it possible to change the provider of the satellite layer (Esri) to another one (google, mapbox, …) because it disappears when one zooms in.

see the photo below:

@alexdahl, well, in this case, you should be able to do it as outlined in the image shared below:

You could change the appearance to streets, terrain, satellite, and so on.

Actually I would like to use the satellite layer but the problem is that the one used right now is provided by Esri.

On a certain zoom level, the map data disappears which makes it impossible to take a geopoint.

So I wounder if there is a way to use the satellite layer with different providers like (Google, Bing, Mapbox, …) ?

@alexdahl, have you also tried other appearance’s to how they behave?

Yes, other layers work fine. The problem is only with the satellite layer which is the most important in my case because it shows additional details that other layers don’t show.