Is it possible to download photos and xls file at the same time in KoBoToolbox?

Hello Lam

is it possible to download photo and xls file at the time?

thank you in advance sir lam

Hi Shoyhen,

If you mean by a single click you get both of them; this is not possible to do.


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Helllo Sir Steph,

       why my data in a repeating group did not appear in server after sending the form it shows blank fields..pls help me to fix it, and also can i ask an excel sample of cascading list that select many type, i made a cascading list but the outut is select one..tnx in advance...

Hi @shoyhen
Could you give clear illustration of your problem? Unfortunately I am not able to fully understand the problem you are experiencing.


i repeated the group twice but nothings display on server

Can you try downloading your data in XLS and see if the data appears in a separate sheet.


Sir still the in the excel file i had downloaded…tnx

Sir still the same in the excel file i had downloaded…tnx


Could you also confirm that you have collected data using this form? Ensure you have some repeat records in it. If that does not work, kindly send me a link to your project and username in direct message?