Is it possible to have categories for questions and make that information available in the XLS data export?

We have different groups of questions that need to be categorized/tagged in a certain way e.g. questions in “education” category, questions in “healthcare” etc. And then, after collecting the data, we would need that category information to be available in the XLS export file so that we can see what question (and its answers) belong to what category. Is it possible to do?

I’ve tried using custom columns (those are visible in the form builder UI), grouping logic (visible in the form builder UI and in the deployed form) and hint text for it (visible in the form builder UI and in the deployed form) but none of this is being included in the data export, so it’s impossible to tell what category each question belongs from the data export file

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as a workaround, you may try to use HLX tags or groups (and export with group name option).

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oh this is great, thank you so much @wroos! Both options seem to work as a workaround. And the combination of groups + tags can also allow having categories (groups) and subcategories (tags).

Also noting for others that may be looking for similar functionality, it seems to be possible to use custom tags and attributes for even more granularity (see HXL postcards (version 1.1) | Humanitarian Exchange Language). It will not be visible on the form, which is exactly what we need, but it all is being included in the XLS data export.