Is it possible to represent data in reports as figures rather than percentages in KoboToolbox

I only recently implemented Kobotoolbox for my organization and need a solution to represent the data that we collect as numbers rather than percentages when generating a report.
Are there any alternatives to achieve this? Could this be something that can be done with the KoBoToolbox Excel Data Analyser v1.23 for instance?

Hi @markjadek, and welcome to the community!

That is not implemented in KoBo yet, and I think you saw the suggestion post about this: View graph as number or percentage in a custom report

And I think KoBo team removed support for Excel Analyzer:

Depending on your data and your experience / knowledge about generating reports, you need to use alternative methods such as, Excel, PowerBI, SPSS and so on.

I personally use Excel to create custom reports for my instutiton.


Hi @hakan_cetinkaya,

I appreciate your response to my question. That is very useful. I too suspected that i might have to rely on alternatives to achieve this.



@markjadek, you could VOTE for the feature request (a post shared by @hakan_cetinkaya above) to see the same in the near future.

Hi @Kal_Lam, I actually voted on that post before opening up the issue here. Is there a particular threshold of upvotes that a particular feature ought to have before it can be considered for implementation? I noticed that the post is from 3 years ago.

@markjadek, the available funding, and feature priorities determine the integration of the features request.