Is it possible to score at the end in a multiple choice question?

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I have the following question: is it possible to do tests based on kobo? With multiple choice answers and a score at the end?

If so, I would be glad if you could share your experience and recommendations (maybe even an example)

@valentynrcc, this post discussed previously should help you answer your query:

Thanks for help!

But is it possible to make final score hidden ?

Yes, as the linked example of Kal_Lam shows, it is a calculate type, i.e. hidden, only shown in a following note. Calculate type variables are hidden automatically,

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@valentynrcc, this is how you can use the hidden question type as advised by @wroos

I chose a slightly different testing option. Link: Question Selection and point Calculation (weighted score/simple composite index) - #2 by Kal_Lam

But I have a bug. In the form, I put different answer options, but when I open the preview of the form, it poses the same answer in all questions. I will attach screenshots below.

Yes, it is possible to create tests with multiple-choice answers and scoring at the end using KoboToolbox. KoboToolbox is a powerful tool for designing and deploying surveys and assessments, and it supports a variety of question types, including multiple-choice questions.

To create a test with scoring, follow these steps:

Design the Survey: Use the KoboToolbox form builder to create your questions. For multiple-choice questions, you can specify the options and set the correct answer.

Set Up Scoring: You can use the 'calculate field type to assign scores to answers. For each multiple-choice question, assign a score for each answer choice and use calculation fields to tally the total score.

Provide Feedback: At the end of the survey, you can add a final calculation field to display the total score to the user.

Hint: It is challenging to control timing of test-steps and a fixed time maximum stopping the test with Kobo/ODK. Also, to block moving back (and editing) and free navigation might be difficult, esp. with Enketo (Web Form).
Maybe the community could provide examples.