Is it possible to show image from internet URL in form Kobo Collect app?

Hello Kobo experts,

Sorry if my question, or similar to it, is already asked by other users. I would like to have image shown in Kobo Collect form that generated directly from other internet URL instead of showing the link itself.
For example, I need this link below to be displayed as image with customized size in Kobo Collect form.
Or should I insert the image into the Setting → Media as attached file? or pasted URL?

Thank you for your help.

Welcome to the community, @kobouser! This post discussed previously should help you solve your issue:

Hi @Kal_Lam,

So that means I must insert the image as media into the project, right? Will be so many pictures that dynamically changing based on the variable or answer that I want to display in the Kobo Collect form, by uploading them into the project will affect to the storage usage. Therefore if there is a possibility to display pictures direct from my picture repository URL, that would be so great.

I mean like this example:
< img src=“ /?data=newuser”>

Thank you

I think you can’t do that, “Collect only supports a small subset of HTML elements”, see link below.