Is there a dedidated email address we can email to get help from?

Does KoboToolbox have a dedicated support team who we can email and get answers from? I know there is the forum and documentation site but just wanted to know if we can email someone to get specific answers too.

Hi @Ann_survey, you could always use the forum for any form of discussion. Discussions made in the community should benefit a lot of our users. In addition, a lot of our users could also participate in discussing the issue (where you would get multiple insights for the same issue). However, if you have issues related to accounts, you could reach us through

In addition to this, if you wish to seek support from the community, you could also use our job-board category, where our community users should be able to help you with a paid service.

OK Kal, so the email address is just for issues related to accounts not for questionnaire configuration issues?

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You got it correct!