Is there a way in kobo to share individual summited data of a form with others?

i wonder if i can let others view only a specific form submitted data! in other words how can i get individual public links for the submitted data of a single form?

Have you gone through our support article Row-Level Permissions? It should help you solve your issue.

thank you for the info.
this method requires an account in kobo.
what i asked for is a permanent link to view a single submitted form like the one we get when we click on the edit icon in the data table!

@gotoayman, there is one approach (which has been discussed previously) which does not require a login and a user could still see the entire data:

One thing to add on top of @Kal_Lam approach is that this is a manual process. However if you need an automated process where each one gets what they have filled in at that very point, then that particular process is not possible within the platform.

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