Data sharing without login

Is there any change in data sharing protocol? I was wondering, one of my recent project data could not sharing through the public link. but previously I could. and make access to the data, who don’t have the KoBo account.

Hi @kallolanp,

You still can share data by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Select a project whose data you wish to share
  • Select SETTINGS
  • Select Sharing
  • Under the Select share settings
    • Share by link (to share your form with other users)
    • Share data publicly (to share your data as well as your form with other users)

Please note: Sharing data and form as mentioned above is only possible with other if s/he has a KoBo User Account. The second thing to note is that the user is only able to share data/form with others under the same server (i.e. the user is not able to share data across OCHA server and HHI server).

There is another way of sharing project data (which does not require KoBo User Account). I wouldn’t encourage this method as this feature includes Projects (legacy) which is being shortly removed by KoBoToolbox in the near future. However, for this please select the Projects (legacy)>Project Name>Project Settings>Turn on (Share project with other users) . You will receive a link which you could share with others to share your project information. Please note, for this you will not need to login to your KoBoToolbox User Account .

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