Is there a way to change the appearance of text in matrix and rank questions?

Is there a way to change the appearance of text in matrix and rank questions? All of my text is stacked vertically and I would like to rotate it so it is more readable. I have attached a screenshot of the format issue.

Ewww. I think @martijnr may be having some issues with perhaps not setting minimum td widths… :wink:

You probably have to wait for a patch. Enketo is obviously trying to shrink the column header widths to match the select cells, whilst accommodating maximum page width. And with so many options (columns) and long column headers, it doing it’s best by wrapping the text on almost every character.


The option to rotate column headers is indeed not available. I agree it would be nice if this could happen automatically, but don’t immediately know how to do this elegantly (if somebody knows a clever way to do this with only CSS, please let us know!).

And to work around the styling issue as @Xiphware mentioned, you may want to try switching to the Grid Theme, as it has wider forms (though that only benefits wider device screens).

4 years late to help, but using this as a label in an XLSForm allows rotating the column headers:

<span style=”clear:right”>**GC**</span> <span style=”display:block;font-weight-bolder;writing-mode:vertical-rl;transform: matrix(-1, 0, 0, -1, 0, 0);text-align: center;padding-bottom:1rem;”>**SCORE**</span>

That creates the GC / SCORE header in this:
Screenshot from 2023-05-30 12-27-21

Play with the CSS properties… a full guide to see what’s happening there can be found at the Mozilla CSS dev reference