Is there a way to display an error message when there is a duplicate entry?

Hi All,

I’m working on project where we register participants using kobo, is there any possible way that when I want to register a participants and his ID was already registered on kobo that can give an error, I don’t want duplications, so just to make sure that the full database includes only unique numbers

You’ll have to do the data validation after the collection, because Kobo collect has no way of knowing whether that ID has been recorded in a previous instance.

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As @ks_1 has mentioned, normally there is no way to have the form look up values entered in the previous submissions. This kind of relational database ability is not provided within the forms.

Hypothetically speaking you could always create a rule, known to your participants that only one entry would be accepted and you can prefer to explain the one you need e.g. if you make two entries only the first one will be accepted etc.


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