Issue with filtering

Hello everyone,

I have got an issue with filtering an answer in the Form Table.

I have got this select_one type question, which choices names and labels are unique.

But when I try to filter a specific answer in the form table, another answer also gets filtered. Like seen in screenshot:

issue with filtering -1

As you can see, when I try to filter “Tekstil Teknolojisi”, “Metal Teknolojisi” is also shown.

But when trying to filter the other answer, in this case “Metal Teknolojisi”, the “Tekstil Teknolojisi” doesn’t show. It works just fine.

It only happens with this two, no other answer gets filtered when selected any other option.

It happens in Enkoto.

Any idea why this happens? And how to solve it?

I can try to provide further information if needed.

Thank you.

Welcome back to the community, @hakan_cetinkaya! Could you share with me the following through a private message (so that I could have a closer look at your case):

  • Username
  • Project name
  • Server
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@hakan_cetinkaya, could you share with me the exact variable name that is having issue as I could not figure out the variable (as the project was in a different language other than English). Maybe it would be helpful if you could also provide me the variable name in xml value instead of the label and at the same time provide me the column number of the variable.

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list_name : isyeri_faaliyet_alan

Problematic variable names:

When “isyeri_faaliyet_alan_1” is selected, “isyeri_faaliyet_alan_19” also appears on the filtered list.

When “isyeri_faaliyet_alan_2” is selected, “isyeri_faaliyet_alan_21” appears.

Column Number: 6 (including Validation Column, Start Column and End Column)

(when writing out like this I wondered if the filter is working with the xml values like filtering “XX1” would also show XX10, XX11, XX111 xml values.)

Hope this helps.

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Is this the solution?

Is the filtering system in Form > Table view works with xml values?