Issue with Installation, Form Preview and Link missing

Dear Kobotoolbox Community, I am currently facing some challenges while installing and deploying Kobotoolbox on my server, and I would greatly appreciate your help and guidance.

Here is an overview of the problems I’m encountering:

  1. Installation Process: During the installation process I am stuck at the message “Waiting for environment to be ready. It can take a few minutes.”.

  2. Status: When I check the status in the, I receive a 301 status code. I have attached a screenshot for reference. This indicates that there might be a redirection or URL issue.

  3. Successful Login and Form Creation: Despite the above issues, I am able to log in to Kobotoolbox using kf.mydomain. I can create forms and deploy them without any problem.

  4. Form Preview Issue: However, the problem arises when I try to preview the forms. The form links appear to be broken, and I am unable to access the preview functionality. And Link missing appears in the collect data section.

  5. Development Section Errors: When inspecting the development section in Google Chrome, I notice several errors related to the form preview. I have attached a screenshot of these errors for your reference. It seems that there might be some underlying issues with the configuration or setup.

  6. Container Status: Upon checking the container status, I can confirm that all the necessary containers are up and running without any errors. However, despite this, the form preview functionality remains inaccessible.

I am reaching out to the Kobotoolbox community in the hope that someone with expertise in these matters can provide guidance and solutions. If you have encountered similar issues or have any suggestions, I would be grateful for your assistance.

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@Louai.haddad, maybe this post discussed previously should help you solve your issue:

@Kal_Lam I checked it but unfortunately, nothing there helped me

I Solve it myself :innocent:


@Louai.haddad, would you mind sharing the solution with the entire community?

Hello guys. I have the same issue, I need a solution.

I’ve just installed kobotool box on an ubuntu server which is a virtual machine on VMWare ESXI hypervisor. It’s all setup on a local network.

  • My first issue is I can’t have the link and copy to the forms project

  • My second issue is I can’t have access to my local kobotoolbox “” through internet meanwhile I have DHCP, Active Directory, DNS servers and a Cisco customer edge router but I can’t still have access to the kobotoolbox that is found on my ubuntu server from the internet

Please for assistance… Thanks @Kal_Lam

@Louai.haddad can you please post the solution here? I have been struggling with this for almost a week now.