Issue with media filenames using DownThemAll


When I try to download images through downthemall it changes the name of the images to Original, I need the original names of the images but why downthemall changes the name to Original?

Welcome back to the community, @freshtasadat2020! Could you also share a screenshot of the issue you are trying to explain? Maybe the screenshots should be helpful for us to understand it pictorially.

Thank you , here is the screenshot.

@freshtasadat2020, could you also let us know the server you are using? Maybe that should also be helpful for the community to troubleshoot.

Hi ,

Can you please elaborate what you meant by server? You meant where we download the images or kobo server?




I mean, the KoboToolbox server you are using? Are you on a humanitarian server or a non-humanitarian server?

we are using our own server ,self hosted on Azure.

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@freshtasadat2020, could you try this on one of our publicly hosted servers to see if it behaves in the same way?