Issues with pulling a survey project to Collect android app

I have the same challenge. I have tried all the solutions here and still getting a failure for just 1 out of 5 forms on my formlist. Please help

Welcome back to the community @joro! Would you mind sharing with us the screenshot of the General Settings>Server?


@Kal_Lam I have shared the server setting. Note that I have 4 active forms on the server and the other 3 are downloading perfectly. it is just one of the forms. Thanks

OK, in this case would you mind editing your URL to simply Keep the rest of the settings as it is. It should solve your issue.

@Kal_Lam Thank you for the effort. The form download is still failing. By the way, I have 15060 submissions on this form already. It has been in use for over a year without download issue until about 2 weeks ago when it hit 14,000 submission. Could that be an issue. Form still active. I am using kobocollect.

@joro, do you mean you are not able to get the blank forms in your KoBoCollect android app? Could you name the project that is having this issue?

Yes. There are 4 active forms. With one the the forms “IMSV”, when I do get blank form, I see the forms and select this particular form. It will return Failed. Which also means I am not able to move the form to FILL BLANK FORM because it is failing to be gotten. I hope it is clearer Kal?

Which version of the KoBoCollect android app are you using?

I am using v1.29.3

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Is this your own survey project or is it a shared project from someone else?

It is my own survey (Owner). I shared to 3 other for view ONLY

In this case you could also configure your General Settings>Server as …




i.e. you could leave the Username and Password blank if it’s for your own use and you are the admin for this project.

Does this server setting also applicable to field personnel conducting the survey? Then on mine device, it says invalid url when I removed the //

Sorry i have updated the URL. It should work for you now.

Seems like there should be an issue with your survey project. Would you do the following:

  • Download the xlsform for the said survey project.
  • Validate it with this online validator to see if there is any syntax issue in it.

Ok. Let me try that out and get back to you.

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The validation has been done and the xlsform updated and redeployed based on this feedback. I also try to get blank form. Surprisingly, I expect to see on the the Kobo Collect that there was an update done to the form. It is not showing that, Just letting you know. Thanks Kal

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So you mean, the issue is solved?