Issues with repeat group data

Hi Kal, I am writting here since I am not sure about where to post my question. Should it not be the appropriate forum, please advice. I am using Kobo again, after a while, and trying to get a data report grouping the answers by one of the questions. However, after selecting teh question I want to group the answers by and clicking save, the program got stucked. Now I can start the application, but cannot access anymore to the data section. As soon as I try it the system gets stucked again. Thanks for your suggestions

Welcome back to the community @psurja! Could you kindly explain your issue in detail so that we could troubleshoot it. Also please let us know what exactly you wished to do/see and what happens when the same is done. Please try to explain in detail with some screenshots if possible so that we could better understand your issue.

Welcome back.
Maybe the following can help you.
The KoBo Report in general does “not” cover repeat groups.
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Thanks for the suggestion. However, my problem is not about grouping options. It is simply a technical problem with the system: after selecting one question for grouping the system was stacked and blocked, and now when I try to go to the data section of my questionnaire I cannot do it (the screen gets blank and no further information appears). I have tried to restart my laptop, to delete the historial and cookies, etc etc. but still the same problem persists. I can access to the other sections of the questionnaire (summary, form, configuration) but not to the data one.

Thanks for any technical support

Thanks for your quick response, Kal. Some weeks ago I implemented a new project / questionnaire in Kobo. I started collecting responses since 2 weeks ago, and they are still coming. Yesterday I accessed the data report option in the website to check how the results were going on and everything was OK. Then I tried to activate the option of filtering/grouping the report by one of the questions. I selected the question I wanted to group the answers by, clicked “save” and the screen went blank, not showing anything, and it got blocked. I closed Kobo, entered again and the project/questionnaire was still there (see screenshot). However, when I clicked on “data” section, to see the report, the screen went blank again (see screenshot 2) and the system got blocked again. I tried to restart my laptop, delete cookies, try with other browser, etc. etc. but always happens the same: when I click on “Data” section to see the results, the system gets blocked. Therefore, I cannot see the answers to the questionnaire, graphics, report, etc.

Can you see the report data without any disaggregation?
You probably know: Some questions can be selected for disaggregation, e.g. from repeats, but do not really work for the report.

Sorry, I was not allowed to send more than 1 screenshot per message. Here is the second one mentioned in my message

@psurja, you should be able to share screenshots now. Would you mind providing us with ample backup to what you say. Maybe we should be able to understand you and support you accordingly.

Dear Kal,

Thanks for your continuous support. However, honestly, I do not know how to explain the problem better and/or with more details. My screenshot (which did not pass in the previous email) is not going to help you at all, because it shows just a blank screen…exactly what I see when I try to access to the data report section of my project

Why don’t we try another option? I am coying here the link to the command that gets the system blocked:

If you need it, I can provide you also with my Kobo login and password (there is no sensitive information there, they are all public surveys) so you can try by yourself and see what happens

Please, let me know if that would work for you


OK, would you mind sharing with me the following information through a private message as outlined in the post shared previously so that we could understand you issue:

  • Username
  • Project name
  • Server you are using